Benefits of Police Body Cameras

car-vehicle-driving-motionPolice body camera is a tiny camera mounted on police uniform, sunglasses or hats where its base is wired and attached on the officer’s uniform. This device is used to record and monitors the activities of the citizen and cops. A lot of countries are now embracing this technology as it has helped reduce complaints from the citizen about the misuse of power and numerous harassment from the police force.

The following are the benefits of police wearing body cameras for both cops and citizens;-

· Increase transparency and accountability

Police body camera has helped increase transparency and accountability of the officers in their duties. These cameras add transparency to the interactions between the officer and citizens. The video footage is usually analyzed and is used to train the police officers on improving their communication skills, customer services and tactics of solving problems. This has lead to citizen trusting the police officers.

· Minimize complaints by the citizens

Since the body camera records the activities and interaction of the officer and the citizen, there is a significant drop in filed complaints. The officers is able to behave well and ensure he or she has performed their duties properly because they know they are been watched. These devices have helped officer to evaluate themselves and also improve the way they solve with a problem and interact with the citizen.

· Valuable evidence

Accidents scenes and domestic violence cases are difficult to prove and prosecute due to lack of evidence. Police body cameras are able to capture everything that happened in different scenes by providing high quality and valuable evidence that are well preserved for use in the court.

· Improved behavior

Citizen who know they are been monitored tend to behave well and stop illegal activities so as to avoid problems with the police. This has made it easier to monitor the citizens.